• solnceod


  • Paul Pereira

    Paul Pereira

    business technologist at XCIPHER harnessing the implications of a realtime and blockchain protocol first world

  • Michael Huang

    Michael Huang

    life well-lived.

  • Cabeleira T M

    Cabeleira T M

  • W


  • Laurent Portes

    Laurent Portes

  • 0xVentures DAO

    0xVentures DAO

    We are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that functions as a fund with the sole purpose of investing in sector-disrupting projects.

  • Jamie Cansdale

    Jamie Cansdale

    MicroISV, space freak & developer of http://TestDriven.Net (you can contact me here http://is.gd/2okZ5)

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